Joe FariasDear Friends and Neighbors,

I’m writing to seek your support for my re-election to the Texas House of Representatives, where I represent the hardworking people of southern and northeastern Bexar County.

I’m campaigning hard to earn another term as your State Representative. And I’m taking nothing for granted. In the most recent election cycle, the establishment leadership in Austin – that had never paid a speck of attention to District 118 – turned their sights to our community. Their sole interest was, and still is, to turn our district to their advantage as part of a statewide struggle to hold onto their dwindling power.

I have worked hard to demonstrate my commitment to this district in all its diversity. And I want to continue fighting for the needs of this district. Whatever strength I have built as a member of our influential Bexar County delegation, I must still be ready for a challenger whose pockets can be instantly inflated by the fundraising machine of an entrenched political establishment.

This is why I ask for your continued support. I need your help so that I can keep fighting for new leadership in Austin. We need leadership that will make giving working families a fair break in in a tough economy the priority by supporting:

  • The education we need to compete;
  • Real property tax relief;
  • Tools to help get out of debt;
  • Lower insurance premiums.

Texas families have made it clear that their needs in these tough times are to be front and center, and it’s high time we address those needs.

I see this campaign as an ongoing conversation. During this campaign, I will be proactive in reaching out to all corners of our district to hear your thoughts on making Texas a better place to live. And, I sincerely ask that you not hesitate to call on me whenever you have questions or concerns you’d like to discuss.

I believe it’s time we make Texas work for you.